Looking to see if one of your top prospects has recently spent on NBC? What about a full list of recent advertisers to run on FX? If that sounds like you then the Media by Network search is a can't miss!

To utilize this search, click on Advanced Search and select Brands. The filter we want is Media by Network.

Once you select Media by Network, all you need to do is begin typing the network for which you'd like a full list of recent advertisers. We'll use predictive text to make this even easier.

Important: Don't feel like you have to search one network at a time. Looking for a list of advertisers that have been on either ABC or Comedy Central? No worries! You can include as many networks in one search as you like.

Also Important: Search results looking a little light? Keep in mind that this will always look for advertisers within the last 30 days. We're trying to provide a snapshot in time with this search, so advertisers who may have spent on a network more than a month ago will not appear in these search results.

Make sure you are well acquainted with how to view iSpot insights on Brand profiles, as well. Click here for a useful primer.

Not seeing the iSpot integration?

It may not be currently available at your present subscription level. But fear not! You can get 2 week trial access here.