Check out Winmo's New and Improved Trending Searches

We've updated our search algorithm to provide the most popular searches on a weekly basis. These Trending Searches are now prominently featured on the right side of the Winmo Dashboard (the first page you see after entering in your login info).

What are Trending Searches? They're ready-made prospect lists based on the most popular searches at any given time among the Winmo user base. Trending Searches give you insight into prospect sets you might not have thought of, while highlighting emerging sources of opportunity. Read more about them here.

Agencies of Record Now Highlighted on Agency Profile Pages

The next time you are looking at an Agency Profile page, look down past the contacts until you see the Client Relationships header. You'll still see the familiar list of all brands an agency is working with, the agency's role, and the media spend of the advertiser in question. But you should also see a new tag under Service. We're now including "AOR" for any relationship in which we've been able to verify that the agency indicated is also the Agency of Record.

Just another easy way of tracking brand-to-agency relationships on the site!