Looking for a good jumping off point? Look no further than the Trending Searches feature on Winmo. Available via the front page, we've put together some of the most popular searches by Company, Brand, Agency, and Contacts. All you need to do is look to the right side of the Winmo Dashboard. Take a look at your options and click on whatever strikes your fancy!

The results will automatically populate. Even better, you still have the option to further customize once you see the first set of results (say if you wanted to see Top Digital Spenders in Texas instead of nationwide). Take a look and see what we can do to jump start your prospecting!

So what, exactly, am I looking at here?

Our trending searches are, quite simply, those searches that the community is currently buzzing about. As activity on the site from our user base concentrates in certain areas, those searches will appear as Trending. Check back often to see what is hot at any given time!