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We've got exciting news to share! Winmo is proudly partnering with Adbeat to provide unparalleled access to top digital insights through Adbeat's Enterprise level. All at a fraction of the cost.

Long-time Winmo users have probably by now seen the Freemium version of Adbeat within Winmo profiles. If that helps you then fasten your seat belts. Our new level of access blows this out of the water!

By upgrading to Adbeat Enterprise you'll enjoy digital tracking on a whole new level. Here's a few of our favorite benefits:

Track Real-Time Spending for Your Top Prospects

Interested in seeing how much your top prospect has spent digitally over the past month? 3 months? The past year? With Adbeat Enterprise that intel is simply a click away. Their advertiser profiles will give you all you need to know about total spend, publisher allocation, direct vs. programmatic, and more. There's no been a better way of gaining a full understanding of digital ad spend than right here.

Get Top-of-the-Line Creative Analysis

If you're looking to get an idea of what campaigns your top prospects are currently running, or have run in the past, then Adbeat's collection of ad creative will be a treasure trove of knowledge. Check on top Standard, Native, and Video creative to get a full picture of what your prospects are currently planning, and what they may be most interested in moving forward.

We're just scratching the surface with these examples. If you're interested in learning more we'd love to chat. Click here and we'll be happy to get the ball rolling with you!