Psst… Not sure how to create lists? Start here

So you have a large group of contacts that you'd like to export directly from Winmo into HubSpot. Easily done! All you need to do is export via our Contact Lists. Read on below for a full explanation to get you from start to finish.

  1. In Winmo, navigate to “Contact Lists” on the left navigation pane
  2. On the list you wish to export, click Export
  3. Choose HubSpot (you’ll be prompted to log into HubSpot the first time you select this option)

  4. Confirm the company names you wish to create. If these companies exist in your HubSpot instance, contacts will be added to existing companies. If they do not, the companies will be created.
  5. OPTIONAL: Add contacts to an existing list in your HubSpot instance. Your HubSpot lists will auto-populate here so that you can choose the right one.

  6. Enable Custom Mapping (RECOMMENDED)
    This will allow you to confirm the destination of data from Winmo into your HubSpot instance, and to route additional information that you wish to capture (see the example of capturing Revenue).
  7. Click Export to HubSpot: You’ll receive an email confirming the data exported to your HubSpot instance.