Winmo allows all users to create unique lists of contacts from across companies, brands, and/or agencies via our Contact Lists system. Perhaps you want to keep a running list of 2018 Key Contacts, or a customized list of Automotive contacts from Chevrolet, Acura, and Lexus? Then Contact Lists are what you are looking for.

To tag specific contacts, simply click the check box next to the appropriate name(s). Then scroll down the page until you see the Save Contacts box. To save everyone on your page simply scroll straight down to the Save box and choose to Save All. Next a popup will appear, allowing you to assign selected contacts to an existing list to a new list you can create.

Lists can be managed at any time by clicking My Contact Lists on the navigation bar on the left hand task bar.

Once on the My Contact Lists page, you can review, edit, export, and/or share your list with your entire team.  Try these options out to see what works best for you!