It's a scenario that plays out quite often: you've created a Contact List in Winmo, and have exported the contacts to Excel, CSV, and/or Salesforce. Maybe a month or so passes, and you find yourself adding more contacts to the same list over time. Winmo has also updated the information for a handful of those contacts. Now you want to export again, but are concerned about duplicate exports. Never fear! We've got a solution ensuring that won't happen.

If your situation mirrors the one described above, know that we've designed Winmo to give you the option to export just the newly added/updated  contacts from a list you've previously exported. Simply proceed with your export as you normally would, and wait for a popup to appear before the process completes. Here you'll have the option to export your full list again, or to simply choose the contacts that have been added or updated since the last time your list was exported. No more worries about duplicates!