Winmo's StatSocial insights will paint a clear picture of your prospect's followers and help you tailor your pitch perfectly.

Winmo can be used to research social demographic information by brand/company thanks to our partnership with StatSocial. To find this, scroll down to the very bottom of a brand or company page that interests you. Data currently available covers gender, age, ethnicity, household income, geographic location, and even personality insights. Let's use Skittles as our example.

The StatSocial audience report gives a full breakout of the characteristics of Skittles' social media followers. You will see bars identifying each trait, as well as an index.

Color Bars

Pretty straightforward! Each bar will show the portion of Skittles' following in that particular demographic. For example: we can see here that almost half (47%) of Skittles' audience comes from households making between $50K - $100K per year. A good rule of thumb: the more dark blue a color bar becomes, the more above average that particular demographic percentage is.


Another way to interpret the data is by looking to the index for each trait. This simply defines how much above/below average each reading is. An index of 100 means exactly average. For Skittles, the age group of 18-24 has an index of 155. Put differently: the population of Skittles' followers aged 18-24 is 155% of what would be considered average.

If you have specific questions regarding StatSocial's methodology, or would like to learn more about their services, click here.