We're extremely excited to let you know that Winmo's sponsorship insights have been greatly enhanced by our newest partnership: GumGum!

For those looking to get examples of advertisers spending in the world of sports this is a can't miss. GumGum will allow users to track who is spending with which leagues and/or teams PLUS gives you the ability to source examples for things like arena LED placements, broadcast graphics, jumbotron logos, and more.

Here's How It Works

To find a list of advertisers active in the sports/leagues you are interested in, start with an Advanced Search for Brands. Next find the Sponsorship Partners filter and check off what applies most for you. The resulting list of advertisers will give all Winmo brands that have been confirmed to work with either teams or leagues within the sport(s) you selected.

Source Sponsorship Info Straight from Brand Profile Pages

GumGum's insights are also available directly from Brand profile pages on Winmo (NB: not Company profiles). To see this, choose the brand profile via either Search results or the Quick Search at the top of the page. Once on the right profile scroll down past the contacts and Kantar media spend and you should see GumGum's integration.

This will provide a full list of all teams/leagues GumGum has identified the brand to be working with. As a bonus, GumGum can also provide details into exactly what kind of partnerships have been developed. You can even click on the various placements for examples!

It also works in reverse! You can look up various teams/leagues on Winmo to see which advertisers they are working with, too. Check out a few of your top prospects and see what sponsorship activity GumGum can loop you in on today.