Great news! Winmo how offers a direct integration with Microsoft Dynamics that will allow you to take contact info from the website and port it directly into your Dynamics environment. Here's how it works:

Select Your Contacts

First select the contacts you want to export. This can be done via profile pages, search results, or Contact Lists. Once ready, choose the export option and select Export to Dynamics.

Connect to Dynamics

If you aren't already connected, Winmo will ask you to quickly connect the site to your Dynamics login. Just enter the correct URL in the prompt at the top of the page. The format will typically look like

Then sign into Microsoft with your username and password!

Export Away

The final step! From here you can choose to export as leads or contacts, and also whether or not to enable Custom Mapping (recommended for advanced users only).

If you do elect to use Custom Mapping, you'll be able to dictate which Winmo fields populate in their corresponding, but perhaps differently named, Dynamics fields. Just use the drop down menus next to each Winmo field and choose where they should go once in Dynamics.

Not seeing a field you also want exported? Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll be able to tack on additional fields, and their mapping, to your export. Once ready, export away!