A long-requested feature is now a reality. Yes, you can!

To export contacts from search results, first put in the filters you want to see on the left hand side of any Advanced Search. Once you've narrowed your prospects to the correct personnel, scroll down to the bottom of where the contacts are listed. You should now see a red Export button! You'll either have the option to export all (the default setting) or you can toggle the check boxes next to each individual to designate just certain contacts for export. As ever, when you export contacts from Winmo you'll have 4 options: CSV, Excel, Salesforce, and/or HubSpot.

NB: Make sure you aren't exporting contacts for which you'll have no use! Each account on Winmo has a predetermined number of available exports, so if you are about to export multiple thousands of contacts from the website just make sure you really need everyone you're about to export.