If you’re like many of our users, you’re already recommending Winmo to your network. Did you know you can be rewarded when you use your custom share link? It’s as easy as one, two, three.

1. Log in and hit the Refer Friends button on the left menu bar 

2) In the module that pops up, you’ll see your custom referral link. This URL is unique to you. You can copy and paste or use the handy one-click options to share via email or on your social networks

3) We’ll automatically keep track of anyone who uses your link to learn more about Winmo, and you’ll start earning:

$20 Amazon gift card for every lead that completes a qualified demo of Winmo

$100 Amazon gift card for every referral that signs up to be a customer

That’s up to $120 for every customer you send our way! 

Log in to get started!

We’ll keep you posted on the progress of your referrals. Gift cards are typically approved and delivered via email at the end of every week for qualifying opportunities.

Pro Tip: You can also keep track of your progress via the referral module, just click View Stats.