As we all know, no two Salesforce environments are 100% alike. This can, at times, be both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes we see this manifested when exporting contacts from Winmo to Salesforce. If your environment is compatible with our naming conventions, kudos! You can probably stop reading now.

What if, however, you get some kind of location error?

Enabling Custom Mapping (it's easy)

The vast majority of errors we see in Salesforce exports revolve around either the State or Country field. Winmo defaults to postal abbreviations, but your CRM may use full names instead. To get around this we'll enable Custom Mapping right before you export.

Look for the button to turn on Custom Mapping when exporting to Salesforce. The page will show all fields that Winmo will export, along with the corresponding field in your Salesforce environment.

Do Not Export & Toggle Add Fields

The first thing we want to do if you get a location error is to set the standard State/Country fields to Do Not Export. That can be done one the right side of the page.

Next, select Add Fields at the bottom and choose State Full Name and/or Country Full Name. Map it to your appropriate Salesforce field and export away! The full name will now overwrite the Winmo default, eliminating those pesky location errors.

We've found this solution typically knocks out the vast majority of export errors. But if it doesn't we're more than happy to take a closer look. Email and an export will be in touch ASAP.