It's not likely to happen often, but you may occasionally run across a contact in Winmo who has since left the company or changed jobs. Our internal team does amazingly well accounting for movement in this job-hopping industry of ours, but if you do see this, don't fret. Take a look at a few different options below.


There's an easy way to let Winmo know if a correction needs to be made. Just flag it!

Clicking on the little grey flag icon on a contact profile will let us know something is up and get us looking into it for you. The best part: as soon as we have the updated information, our researchers will reach out to you directly. You'll have the latest news before it even hits the website!


Have multiple contacts you want us to revisit? What if you don't have that person's profile right on your screen? We've got you covered there, too. All you need to do is submit an Email Verification Ticket.

On the right side of any Winmo page will be a Feedback tab. To put in a ticket, click there and change the drop-down in the ensuing popup to Email Verification. Then let us know what's going on in the text box. We'll handle the rest!