One of the most valuable parts of your WinmoEdge subscription are the daily Alerts that the website sends out, keeping you up to speed with the latest news, vulnerable accounts, and future projections from our team of experts. Do you already receive these Alerts? If so, then fantastic! But this article probably isn't for you.

If, on the other hand, you aren't receiving your Alerts and are wondering why, then you've come to the right place. Follow the troubleshooting steps below and you'll have this squared away in no time.

  1. Check Your Username. Let's knock the most basic step out first. Because your username is tied to your email, we need to make sure everything is spelled correctly and the right syntax is being used in your email address. You can verify your username here.
  2. Confirm Your Alert Status. The default for all WinmoEdge profiles is to have Alerts enabled, but sometimes users toy around with their Alert Settings resulting in few or zero Alerts. Visit the Settings page in WinmoEdge to check on your Alert status. Make sure "Active" is checked off, and that you are not being too restrictive in Region, Article Type, and/or Industry.
  3. Check SPAM. Sometimes WinmoEdge Alerts are received by your email server, but get redirected to SPAM. Make sure they aren't hiding in your SPAM folder.
  4. Consult your IT team or email administrator. If we've gotten to this step then the most likely scenario is that your email server is outright rejecting WinmoEdge Alerts. Our Alerts are automated, which can be a trigger to block incoming messages, depending on the level of restriction used by your email server. The good news is it's a quick fix. All your team will need to do is make an exception for your email to receive messages sent by Do that and you should be good to go moving forward!

Following these steps will solve 99 cases out of 100. But if you're still stuck without WinmoEdge Alerts, you can always contact our tech team at We'll be happy to investigate and fix any lingering issues.