We’ve integrated creatives and ad intelligence from Adbeat right within brand and company listings, giving you a clear view of digital dollars in real time.

Here's how it works: look for the Adbeat logo at the top of the page for any company/brand you want to research. Click on it to instantly zoom down to the right section (you can also scroll down, but why not use a shortcut!).

We start you off with overall rankings (measured by total estimated ad spend) and Top Creatives. Make sure to browse all creative options (Standard, Native, Video, and Landing Pages) to get the full picture of an advertiser's activity.

Next you'll want to check out the Advertiser Overview. This will track daily activity over the past month, as well as inform you whether the advertiser is placing directly, natively, or programmatically. Make sure to review the month-over-month intel, as well, to see whether the advertiser is trending up or down.

Finally, don't miss the Publisher Sites. This will not only rank the top sites the advertiser appears on, but will also give you up-to-the-day news on where the advertiser has been spotted most recently. Wondering what kind of editorial category the advertiser chooses? We've got you covered there too.