If you’re looking to get a leg up on your competition you’ll want to take full advantage of your Winmo subscription - especially your access to our social community, WinmoTalk.

As with other popular forums, it’s important to realize you’re going to be contributing to an ever-growing chorus of those looking to have their own questions addressed. To help your post rise to the top and stand out from the pack, check out these 4 tips for maximizing your WinmoTalk experience:

Keep Your Questions Open-Ended

Let’s say you are prospecting Ford. A common question might be “I’m looking for John Smith at Ford. Anyone have an email?” While that sort of post is certainly direct and to the point, it doesn’t leave a lot of room for discussion. For one thing, who’s to say that John Smith is the only person who can help you? Maybe there’s an agency contact you should be targeting instead. A post that keeps more options open is much more likely to draw a response from the community (e.g. "Can someone help me track down the right media contact at Ford? I've been trying to locate John Smith's email, but maybe someone else has a better lead?"). Make sure you are leaving yourself as approachable as you can!

Don’t Leave Out the Details

You’d be amazed how curious a group of your peers can be. It may seem extraneous, but including some details or additional context to your post could be the difference between a lightly attended thread and a treasure trove of additional information. For example, let’s assume that you are targeting Squarespace. Instead of simply asking for tips on this brand, consider letting the group know you’re interested in them because you’ve heard them advertise on various podcasts. Before you know it, you might have an extra handful of leads on other brands the community is noticing advertising in the same medium.

Bump Your Conversation to the Top

Everyone wants to take the lead or be on top, right? Well, here’s a technical tip to get you there (and acquire more views). If you frequent WinmoTalk, you probably have already noticed that threads appear in chronological order, with the most recent posts at the top of the page. To make sure your thread doesn’t get buried, make sure to go back into your conversation and add an additional comment/post. Perhaps something like, “just want to give this a little bump, anybody hear anything?” Boom. In just a few short keystrokes your post is back at the top where everyone will see it.

Get Creative and Have Some Fun

One of the best things about WinmoTalk is that it’s a social forum made up of your peers. It’s fun, casual and a great arena to pose timely questions to those who know first-hand. By all means, take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere we’ve tried to cultivate! Throw some humor in your post, and you’ll be guaranteed to attract more attention. We’ve found that a humorous post is much more likely to get a humorous reply which can then snowball into a mega-thread that everyone wants to get in on. Always remember, the larger the thread, the more attention you will receive. Just don’t go overboard (obligatory Terms and Conditions reminder) and you’ll be a star!

Pro tip: also don’t forget to get creative and customize your own username/avatar.