Are you looking to get super local? Perhaps searching for companies or agencies in smaller cities that aren't currently listed on the Locations tab? If so, know that there's a simple solution. Take a look at the simple step-by-step guide to drilling down to the smallest of cities below.

1. Specific city not included in Locations? Search by state instead. (Example: search for the state of Iowa even if your specific target is Des Moines)

2. Export search results into Excel.

3. Once in Excel, sort by City.

4. If necessary, delete rows containing prospects in locations you are not targeting.

That's it!  This method will never count against your exporting limit, and is an easy way to still get a list of targets in any city, big or small.

UPDATE: As an alternative, you are now also able to search for Brands/Companies/Agencies by Zip Code. To do that, choose the Postal Code option from your Advanced Search filters on the left. Plug in your code or codes, make sure to define your radius, and search away!