Winmo users can export contacts to Salesforce directly from the website either individually or via Contact Lists. There's no plugin needed to install.

To start, choose who you want to export, and select the Export to Salesforce option. Next, log into your Salesforce account on the following page (if you aren't already logged in). You'll have the option to log into your regular Salesforce account or your Sandbox. From here you have two options.

Export as Lead

To export as a Lead, toggle the radio button for Lead at the top of the page. Then choose your Custom Mapping options if necessary (more on this in a second) and proceed at the bottom of the page. You're all set!

Export as Contact

If, on the other hand, you want to export as a Contact, switch the radio button over to the Contact option. That will prompt another choice: do you wish to merge contacts into an account following Winmo's naming convention or do you wish to customize the destination of the contacts? To choose a different account, click the Use Different Account button and enter the name of your preferred destination (new or existing). Then review Custom Mapping and export at the bottom of the page.

Custom Mapping

What happens if in your Salesforce you call something Brand but we call it Company? Or perhaps we list a country but that's not a field in your Salesforce. In that case, you'll want to utilize our Custom Mapping feature. This is recommended for advanced users.

To do this, toggle the switch to enable Custom Mapping. You'll then see pencil icons appear next to every mappable field. Click on any of these pencils to change the field to which you'll map that value. You can also choose not to map a field at all. At the very bottom there will also be an option to add additional fields if there's a requirement in your Salesforce that doesn't appear on Winmo by default.

Auto Matching

If you are certain that you only have one existing entry in Salesforce that you are looking to import into, use our Auto Matching functionality to save time. This will prompt the website to automatically import your contacts into the first matching account in Salesforce. However, if your Salesforce naming conventions contain multiple entries with the same or similar names, we HIGHLY recommend using the standard export functionality detailed above.