In addition to searching by name, Winmo allows for searches based on a number of different criteria. Searches by Industry, Category, Media Spend, and Planning Period are just a few examples. For this, the Advanced Search is the best fit. To access this feature look to the top left side of any Winmo page.

Once the search options appear, you are able to navigate between Brands, Agencies, Companies, and Contacts. Just click on the appropriate search criteria to focus in on the exact prospects that fit you best!

When should I be using the Advanced Search?

Top Winmo users will utilize the Advanced Search when looking to build out a new prospect list consisting of good targets that may have previously flown under the radar. If you log into Winmo already knowing who/what you are looking for, by all means use the Quick Search at the top of the page. But if you're looking to use the site as a tool to find who's next? Advanced Search is where it's at!